How to tame your Tradie

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Make an impact in your tradie business - without the headaches.

Do you have some serious business issues? Cashflow? Time management? Not enough fat in the bottom line? Staff walking over you both? Bickering between yourselves?

I bet you can see how OBVIOUS the things that need to be fixed are?? Like they are right there - as plain as day? Yup - welcome to life as a Tradie Wife. Working with your Tradie can have so many perks - flexibility, work from home, fit it around kids, or even a job. All of that. But mostly - it can be a huge pain in the arse. Your Tradie has all the talent and skills in the world, but his commitment to the office work, and working ON the business to implement processes and systems is just not a priority for him. You are drowning in this situation and can't see a way out with things the way they are. So, how the heck do you get through to him?? I can tell you straight up - it ain't by nagging him.....
With a FULL handbag OF OUR of tools, strategies & logical ways to engage with, influence and understand your Tradie, YOU CAN Get control of the time, money & relationship challenges with strategies you can implement IMMEDIATELY!

Day 1 Saturday 23rd October

Reflect & Review

Why is it all so bloody hard??
Day One is all about reflecting on what is working now and what is not working now, and reviewing how you are currently looking at your current situation.

Teaching the STRATEGIES you can implement to Tame your Tradie. What is your highest energy work vs the work you can't stand? What is his? When are you in your element vs when is he?

What's your profile say about you? About him? We will look at the cycle of change & how you implement this WITH him. What do YOU want? Do you actually know? 6 Human Needs - this is GOLD - learn how they are working for or against you. Accountability, Logic vs Emotion & STRUCTURE that works for YOU BOTH. Concreting in the 'way it could be' - preparing for DAY TWO's Implementing AA phase


Day 2 Sunday 24th October

Implementing AA

No, you are not entering Alcoholics Anonymous
ACTION & ACCOUNTABILITY - that is where it is at.
Most people come to this stuff, learn it, write a tonne of notes, then do.......NOTHING!!
We REFUSE for this to be YOU!!

This is the clincher for all you will do from here on out. We will give you the formula to DECIDE, COMMIT & IMPLEMENT your ACTION PLAN
YOU will learn the 5 Keys to Asking Intelligent Questions and COACH your Tradie in a way that he will respond to, not refuse to engage with.
You will walk away with your LIST OF GOALS, ROLES & Plans to KICK SOME SERIOUS butt with your Tradie. Yeah the Ladies!!



You wanna know a bit more????

You have all the ideas, the direction, you can see clearly the change that is needed, but literally don't know how to get through to the Tradie. You know MOSTLY how to fix it all.... because that's what we ladies are good at right? The practical application of all of the 'things'. You're prepared to learn all the skills, and have the determination to build a thriving business but you can't seem to find the right strategy. Every day it seems like someone is pitching you a new strategy or system & you take them to the Tradie, but it falls on deaf ears. You KNOW that there has to be a simple, authentic way to get through to the Tradie, but you just haven't been able to yet.....& you know what just KEEPS ON HITTING THE FAN. ​ Maybe you've tried being kind, being cruel, walking out, going on strike from the business - yeah - that'll show him! But none of it seems to work.

​We get it lady - we totally get it
You are at your wits end and of ideas to make things better - so YOU NEED YOUR LADIES ROUND YOU to lift you up and support you to make the improvements you know will turn this ship round!

What makes this retreat different?


Ladies, there is a tonne of courses out there that you could attend to learn the logistical, sensible ways of doing business. But, they are often boring as and you walk away with some great info, that you don't really know what to do with next. And it is delivered in a fashion that makes your bum and your brain numb. What we do - is we make it FUN! We are Tradie wives ourselves, so we go through the same challenges as you ON THE DAILY! If you have watched ANY of our stuff, we are BRUTALLY honest. Warts and all, we go there, and we are not afraid to air our own dirty laundry, whilst cleaning, hanging out and folding yours up too. We support you with a FEROCITY that is unparalleled. We got you lady.

We guarantee you will have personal breakthroughs of your own...


We are all about the 'ahhhhhaaaaaaa' moments. Those moments that hit you in the chest full pelt with a BANG and help you to reflect on YOUR place in this life and business. Your contributions & inputs are valuable now, imagine what you can do once you are equipped with our Tradie taming strategies. These don't apply to just work with your Tradie - they translate into all facets of your personal and business life. You will walk away with a new level of confidence in yourself, in your role in your business and how to get shit done by taking MASSIVE action



After completing this weekend you are going to feel super inspired, not to mention HOPEFUL for the future. What we do is give ladies an actual process of how to present information to their Tradies, instead of telling them 'how they feel' all the time. You will learn to recognise the highest priority needs of your Tradie. So you will be able to get through conversations utilising this tactic, rather than approaching through angles he gives zero effs about. You will know what both of your personality types are. With this you will know WHY you clash at times and why his way and your ways are different - so you will rarely be offended ever again! You will learn the 5 Keys to Asking your Tradie BETTER questions to elicit a better response. Instead of dreading bringing things up with him - you will feel ready and able to take on anything!