‘Yeah the Ladies’ T-shirt

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Do you want to not only feel part of the Ladies with Tradies tribe, but also look the part? Get into our ‘#YeahtheLadies’ tee. Partner it with some jeans and a low sensible heel and you will feel and look the goods lady!

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This 4-month course is designed to introduce you to core business principles that will set you up to go to the next level. By the end of it you are going to understand some of the things that even big businesses get wrong. Which means five years from now, you will be on the same level as them but without the headaches!

This is an interactive online group coaching program. You will only get out of it what you put into it! 
Here’s what you need to know.
What's involved?
Working  through the course content for each session - maximum of 30 minutes per week
Daily Facebook check ins to make sure you are getting shit done
Implementation time -It’s up to you! Do you want results? if so, you might do up to 4 hours extra to Amp up your tradie business! 

Who should do it?

As far as 'who' should attend - if you are a business doing anywhere from $250,000 - $3 million in turnover - you are in! It can be the 'lady' of the business on her own, both the Tradie and his lady (preferred) OR just the Tradie on his own! All the sessions are recorded so you can watch them back over time - but you should show up and Amp it Up!  "Amp it Up Program has taught us so much that has been overlooked when moving from a smaller operation to a larger operation. Kate and Josie's knowledge and experience have been amazing to help us along this journey, pushing us all out of our comfort zone and asking the tough questions to get the best for our business. The support also from our group members is amazing. We are all facing the same issues and it's nice to know that and be able to discuss and share stories of what has worked or has not worked for the other business owners. We have all made good friendships and are looking forward to catching up in person. Our "tribe" is all cheering each other and the businesses on after what has been a challenging 2020. " 

What do we teach you?

Building a LEGENDS mindset

How many times have you guys said stuff like this:
'I don't want to get too big' or
'I can't charge that much because we live in a small town' or
'with more staff comes more headaches' or
'I don't need lots of money, I am happy where I am'
This is the voice of bull$%*  and self sabotage.
We are going to teach you to truly believe in what you are doing! We’ll show you that you are worth every cent and more that you charge currently. We will show you how to go from the 'always poor' mindset to a 'wealth and growth' mindset.
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