Stop Shit hitting the fan in Love, Life and Business.

Hey Ladies, are you tired of feeling stressed trying to balance work, home and business?

Hey Tradies, are you over having a lack of time, money and people to get shit done in your business?

We can help! Ladies with Tradies helps tradie couples stop shit hitting the fan, gain holistic education and achieve all their goals in love, life and business.

Transform your trade business from
‘hectic hustle’ to a
‘great paying, well-oiled machine’ with Ladies with Tradies.

Picture this – your business is doing pretty well, the money is coming in albeit a bit hit and miss, and you're running a team achieving a reasonable level of success. But here's the hitch – you're still spending too much time laying awake at night stressed about money, and not spending enough time with the family, and you can’t seem to stay offsite long enough to plan your next moves in business.

Sound like your story?

It's time to take charge, streamline your operation, and reclaim the time you've earned through building your business to this point without compromising your financial goals.

The world of trade business can be a bumpy ride. We get it, and we're here to help support you through this experience. We specialise in working with down to earth, switched on tradies come business owners who have already achieved significant success and are ready to take their leadership and management skills to the next level.

Ladies with Tradies is your ticket to striking that elusive balance – more time to savour your success without sacrificing money from your kids pockets. It's about optimising your lifestyle whilst working your trade business the way you want to; we're here to guide you on that journey.

Let's make it a reality.

Stop shit hitting the fan in love, life and business.

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Meet the Boss-Ladies

Hello, we're Kate and Josie, the directors of Ladies with Tradies! We're excited to welcome successful business owners like you who are ready to invest in themselves and their businesses.

We understand that committing to a business coaching program is a significant step. Regardless of your experience level, congratulations are in order! You've taken that crucial first step toward taking your business to the next level.

We founded Ladies with Tradies to ensure you don't encounter the same pitfalls we faced in our lives. We're your support system across various facets of your trade business – from finances and fun to relationships, team dynamics, and time management.

You're not navigating this journey solo anymore, legend!

Running a trade business can often feel isolating, but now you've got us – the remarkable and supportive team from Ladies with Tradies – right by your side. You're never alone on this journey. Our team will be your biggest cheerleaders. We are on your side.

You probably have questions.

Wondering if this is for you? If you’re ready to make a change In your business and your life, read on.
We’ve got the answers!

How we partner with you

Our training and education are meticulously designed to bring all the crucial 'behind the scenes' aspects of your trade business to the forefront. But here's the kicker – we do it without the bewildering jargon and 'businessy' confusion. Whether you're a seasoned Tradie or a savvy Trade Couple, we're here to help you thrive without the overwhelm.

We're all about mastering cash flow, seizing control of your time, optimising team structures, goal setting, and fuelling growth while keeping it real. We're here to show you how to work seamlessly WITH your Tradie or Lady, not against them. Our approach might even save your marriage, but most importantly, it'll preserve your sanity, which is worth its weight in gold for busy trade professionals.

Here’s how you can work with us:

Whether it’s one on one or in one of our group coaching programs, you’re going to get the benefit of years of experience and an awesome team of coaches. We get to know you and we get inside your business!

Tell me more
Retreats and workshops

Join an incredible community of like-minded ladies and tradies who are going through the same challenges as you. Feel supported by our tribe and have a lot of fun in the process!

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Tools and resources

From books to self guided programs, we’ve got a huge range of tools and resources to support you to reduce regrets and stress in love, life and business.

Let's go!
"Thanks so much again Kate for the opportunity to participate! As an introvert, it was very confronting to be in front of others but it was great for me to step outside my comfort zone, meet like minding tradie ladies and benefit from your wisdom. I plan to go through the content and work on putting everything into practice in our business. Look forward to working with you again in the future."
Nerissa Rose
Turdinator Plumbing

Grab a cuppa, it’s story time!

Head over to our blog for stories of couples, ladies and tradies just like you. We share helpful information, tips and insights into our no bullshit approach to stop shit hitting the fan, today!
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