asked questions

Do you only work with ladies?

Not at all. We work with tradie couples. We can also work with tradies on their own if their ladies are not involved in the business. We do have a different focus for each because we believe working with both the ladies and the tradies is crucial to success in reducing regrets and stress in love, life and business.

What is Ladies with Tradies?

Ladies with Tradies helps tradie couples with the tools to stop shit hitting the fan and achieve all their goals in love, life and business. Through 1:1 coaching, seminars and workshops, Ladies with Tradies offers no bullshit education, training and support to reduce regrets and stress in business.

How can I work with Ladies with Tradies?

One to one coaching 

Legend Status Program

Group coaching

Retreats such as Level up Ladies & Level up Tradie

Self guided LWT toolbox

Read Kate’s book! 

Tools, resources and more!

See our Work with Us page to learn about how you can start working with us!

Do I have to be a tradie?

No! We work with people who run all sorts of businesses but want more from their relationship and their life. We of course work with ladies, but we work closely with men too. Anything to support you in reducing regrets and stress in love, life and business. 

Do I have to be a lady?

No! We work with tradies and men in other businesses too. Yes our website has a lot of pink, but that’s because Kate loves it. We’re here for you too guys.

How long is the program?

Each program varies in length and we have options to suit all businesses and budgets. From one day workshops to weekend retreats, or 4 month in-depth programs. Tell us what you need and we can make it happen. For now, head on over to the products and services page to get a better idea of the different types of support on offer.

How much time do I need to commit?

This all depends on the program you choose! We ask that whichever option you choose, you commit wholeheartedly to the process to help stop shit hitting the fan in love, life and business. But this doesn’t have to mean a lot of time. It means quality, it means showing up and it means getting shit done! 

Take a look at our programs and services here.

I think my business is too small for a coach, how can I get support?

At Ladies with Tradies, we love small business! Whether you’re a one man show, a small family operation or have a team of 30+, we can help you with proven strategies to reduce the stress in love, life and business.
We have a team of coaches available and different programs to suit the different types of businesses. So take a look today and ask if you have more questions. But honestly, we love the little guys.
You can also get group coaching in our membership, or in our online self guided programs - there is a coaching package for everyone here at Ladies with Tradies.

We’re not ready yet … but how can I join in the meantime?

We get it! This is big stuff!
Come and connect with us on social media for now and keep an eye on what’s coming up. We pack loads of FREE value onto our socials - so get amongst it over there.

Where can I find out more about you?

Right here! Our website is packed full of information about our team, how we work and how we can support you in love, life and business. But for more, give us a yell. Head to the contact page and let us know what you’re thinking.

Do you have a support group?

We do! Ladies with Tradies Facebook Group is a safe space to ask other Ladies with Tradies questions. We hang out, support one another and teach you lots of things about love, life and business. We also have a lot of fun there, so click the link to join us on Facebook.