We help tradie couples with the tools to achieve all their goals while reducing regrets and stress in business. At our retreats, workshops and events we offer no bullshit training and education for trades businesses to stop shit hitting the fan in love, life and business.
Here’s what we have coming up in 2023!

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Ladies with Tradies Money Junket - 2024
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Ladies with Tradies Shindig - 2025
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We’re not just a business, we’re a tribe

Join our Ladies with Tradies community today by coming along to a retreat, event or workshop and you’ll not only have the support of our team, you’ll also become a part of our amazing tribe.

This is what some of our past attendees have to say:
"My most valuable lesson learnt is that there is a 'tribe' of us 'Ladies with Tradies' out there all experiencing the same challenges in business. I not only learnt some awesome strategies to implement but also found the open forum with other Ladies with Tradies meant we were able to learn from each other.”
Bec McNamara
MSD Security
"So good to connect with other "Ladies with Tradies" and learn from them and find out we are not alone. I love the information and insights that Kate has to give. Certainly makes you look outside the box. So much so I am doing the course again to help cement what I learnt the first time. Thanks again Kate."
Bec Anderson
Anderson Builders

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