(POSTPONED) Ladies with Tradies Shindig

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(POSTPONED) Ladies with Tradies Shindig
A weekend retreat for couple in business

YES! We did!!


JOIN US FOR A FUN & EDUCATIONAL WEEKEND with like minded couples in Tradie businesses just like YOU!

Business is a lonely place - we all know that. So, what we want for you is to come along for a ‘dirty weekend away’ together, have a relax, learn a few things, and meet and learn from a stack of other business owners just like you. The magic of Ladies with Tradies stems from our community - all of you provide so much value to each other - and, you can catch up with friends you made in our group programs you have attended over the years, or that person you have always wanted to talk to in person but just haven’t had the chance.


What’s the plan?

Friday 13th August- 4.30pm - Registration, food, drinks and networking

Ooohhhhh - look out superstitious people, it’s Friday the 13th!

We will start with 4.30pm welcome drinks and casual nibbles dinner, followed by the welcome spiel at 6pm. Here is where you will finally get to connect with all the people you have only virtually met, now you get to meet them in person! 

Saturday 14th August- Time, Team, Money and Award Winners

Casual brekky, a walk around the area for the keen people, then at 10am we will be meeting for an education & workshop session ‘Time, Team and Money - how the heck do I manage it all?’ and yes there will be snacks!

On the Saturday afternoon you will get to just chill out and relax, the boys can go for a motorbike ride, go fishing, and the ladies are welcome to join us for an in person ‘Cuppa time’, or you can just chill out and relax (because we all know you never bloody get to do that normally) and take in the lovely Darling and Murray Rivers.

For the evening - we will have the main event - the ‘Ladies with Tradies Shindig and Awards night’. Here, you will be wined and dined, and your business will have the opportunity to WIN one of our 4 awards. More on those to come. This won’t be your pretentious gala event - it will be relaxed, fun, and won’t involve getting served up 2 beans and a cube of steak - we wanna FEED you up with traditional CWA cooking. So relax - you get to dress up, but no penguin suits required.

Sunday 15th August - Home time

Recovery brekky,  and saying goodbye to your new business owner friends - for those who want to stay and ‘chew the fat’ over a cuppa with Kate and Josie, you are more than welcome to join us after brekky.

Where can you rest your head?

There are some great accommodation options, here is the link to the tourist website, and if you wanted to extend your stay there are tonnes of suggestions on what you can see and do while in Wentworth. https://visitwentworth.com.au/

You can call the amazing team at the Information Centre who will be more than happy to help you! Ph +61 3 5027 5080

How to get to Wentworth?

By car.  One of the best ways to see the countryside, listen to some tunes and to spend some precious time together.

By plane. Mildura, is home to the busiest regional airport in Victoria and is located just 30kms from Wentworth, where you can hire a car, or we can arrange a pick up in the LWT land cruiser.

There are regular daily flights to Mildura from Melbourne and Adelaide, with a few flights each week out of Sydney.

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