Is your marriage being sacrificed because of your tradie business?

Don't let your marriage become the sacrificial lamb of your Tradie business.

Relationships in business, is yours good, or sh*t?

Do you fight like cat and dog, give the silent treatment, or yell and shout? Do you wish you were not in business together sometimes?

This is normal for sure - but if you feel this way more than once per week, we have some issues, friends.

If someone is resentful of another in business - it will break it.

Yeah - we are business coaches here - but we are also basically mediators that support business owners to come to a common ground.

Now that doesn't mean if your marriage is in tatters that Ladies with Tradies can swoop in a completely mend it - you need to get some help for that.

But if the business is the thing you can't agree on all the time, there couldbe an opportunity for you to fix it with some support from us.

You can learn so much about each other if you just create the space for it. There is so much to appreciate about one another. And often, weget so bogged down in all the bullsh*t work stuff that we lose sight of how much we are actually doing for each other.

Some ways you can make time for each other is:
1. Have a directors meeting once a week - go for a drive and get a coffee together - make it a ritual
2. Make a rule to shut off the computer at least twice per week before 6pm
3. Talk, don't just grunt at one another
4. Get up together and have breakfast together over the kitchen bench

Don't let your marriage become the sacrificial lamb of your Tradie business.


Reach out.

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