Marketing… where do I even start!?

3 fundamentals to help kick start your marketing

Does the thought of marketing make you feel a tad overwhelmed?
You’re not alone! We all know it’s something we should be putting time and effort into, in
order to help grow our businesses, but with so many directions and big words like
“marketing plan” it can be scary AF to know where to start!
It’s Georgie here, the LWT marketing gal to chat with you about the fundamental steps of
marketing, to hopefully take away the overwhelm and help you to jump into the unknown

1. Branding
Sounds a bit wanky, Right!?
It’s actually a really good idea to work with a marketing or design professional to establish
your business’s branding! Clarifying and documenting what your business represents and
knowing why it exists before spending money on any form of marketing or advertising is a
must. When we refer to branding, we’re talking about these things:
- Logo – a unique symbol or design that identifies your business
- Colour palette
- Tone of voice – for instance does your brand aspire to attract wealthy use upper
class people and therefore need to use language to reflect this? sound
- Brand statement – this is a short statement referring to what and how your business
fulfills a customer’s needs. Such as a builder in Mildura who focuses on historic
renovations - Your local and reliable Mildura builders, bringing old historic homes
back to life.

2. Goals
Knowing what you want to achieve and how marketing can do that for you and your
business is the first and foremost step to take once you’ve got an established brand that is
ready to tell the world it exists!
Having a plan with goals in place will allow for continual growth and success!
It is something so many people and businesses overlook, but without goal posts, how do
you know if your results are any good? And if you’ve kicked any goals!?
For instance, you have a goal grow your business, by increasing your new client referrals by
1 x new local client per week for 2022, that’s 52 new clients for the year.
Knowing that you only want to grow your local clients is the key here and will help you to be
able to choose what forms of marketing you end up investing in to achieve this goal.
Such as putting an ad into the local monthly newsletter and also starting to advertise on
Facebook, targeting the local community of people who live in a given area that your
business services.

3. Effectiveness
Analysing how successful your marketing efforts are and to be able to understand what
worked and what didn’t is where it’s at!
If something isn’t working and you continue to do it, you may as well be throwing cash into
your leaf blower, not the greatest business move, I am pretty sure that is the simple
explanation for insanity.
But in all seriousness, understanding your effort’s effectiveness will allow you to focus on
what is moving the dial for your business and allow you to continue to do more of what
works = simplify and reduce the overwhelm!!
Going back to our previous example from the goals section:

Going back to our previous example from the goals section:
If 75% of your new client referrals are coming from Facebook and only a 1 or 2 from the newsletter ad, we know that it would be worth putting more money and effort into the Facebook ads, whilst pulling back and spending less money on the newsletter ads. 

By analysing the results we learnt that Facebook was far more effective than newsletter ads, and therefore we were able to improve and re-focus our efforts where it was paying off, in order to reach our initial goal! Voila. 

If you need a hand getting your marketing off the ground, hit us up here

We’re always happy to help and point you in the right direction!   

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