Matching your dreams up with your finances

3 ways to achieve your goals by focusing on the numbers

A dream without a plan is just a wish.
And a wish with no money to back it up is just a fantasy!
Too many business owners we strike on first account have no idea how to answer the questions: “What did you go into business for?” and ”what are you trying to achieve with the money you’re making in your business?”

Unfortunately, it is because many are just living to work and not working to live. 

Our dreams and our goals should not be limited by financial constraints. The trades industry is plentiful and abundant. There is loads of work for loads of tradies.

So why are most of us sitting around looking at empty bank accounts and even emptier memories?
It is devastating!
The number of people who when we ask, “what's something you are trying to achieve?”
They can't list much past “I want to pay off my home loan”


It's because they don't believe in the possibilities, and even worse, they don't PLAN for the achievement of goals financially. They live with the mindset of “when I have enough money I will” or “once this big job gets paid for we will.....” - but the time never comes.

So, here's some ways to GET CONTROL of goal achievement financially.

  1. Set up a FUN & LIVING account - move money here regularly and don't touch it! If you never account for it, you will never do it. Even just start small with transferring $50 bucks a week, just star!
  2. Work out what you need to make in your business per month to be able to save for what you want/want to do/want to go. EG: if our business does approx 10% net profit, and I need to save $10k in 12 months for a new motorbike, and I draw a wage to live, and just take the profits from my business as a dividend at the end, I need the business to do a minimum of $100k to achieve buying my motorbike.
  3. GET CLEAR - know your numbers, know the cost of your dreams. Write them down with a price tag. Do the research. Start visualising it. Know exactly what you need to do to reach the goal, step by step - write it ALL DOWN.

If you have not signed up to our Money Junket we’re hosting in Cairns yet, you need to get onto it! We are going to work on this EXACT thing - Dreams and Finances & how to match them up.

Go get it!

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