Mindset of going on a break

Rest is productive

This holiday season we want to emphasise the importance of taking a break and change the
stigma around ‘resting’. YES you may feel like there are jobs to do or things that can be
done around the house but we want to remind you that it is important to take a step back and
recoup after a big year.

Changing the mindset of going on a break will benefit your overall performance at work and
your personal life. Taking a break is taking care of yourself; preventing breakdowns and
burnout. Don’t ignore the signs of needing some time out and taking a step back to be able
to move forward in a much healthier mindset.

Common signs you need some time off:
- Feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious
- Fatigued
- Lack of motivation
- Low energy levels
- Overly sensitive (co-workers/clients just pissing you off)
- Making mistakes or doing a half-assed job

Are you able to tick any of the boxes above, does this resonate with you?

Benefits of taking a break:
- Reduced stress levels
- Increased productivity
- Clearer thinking
- Positive mindset
- Feel energised

Along with all the positive mental benefits of resting you will also find a positive flow on your
performance and mindset around work. Sometimes having that time away from the books or
tools will remind you of your WHY and bring back that love of what you do. Spend that
quality time with your family and loved ones, go on that day trip or weekend away and give
yourself permission to switch off.

Here at LWT we are a big believer that if you love what you do you’ll never work a day. Your
positive energy and healthy mindset will not only benefit yourself but your team and family.
So this holiday season we want you to know that rest IS productive and you deserve a
bloody break!

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