Outsourcing Tasks Not Your Power

Our 3 top tips to start outsourcing today!

Managing your time, aka yourself can be tricky business!

Especially when you’re managing a team, going between the office and multiple sites - the reality of owning and running a Tradie business is that if you allow it, you’re always going to be needed by people in about three places at once - can you relate??

This is where outsourcing can be your best friend!!

Delegating and letting go of the tasks on your list will take away that hectic hustle, and reduce the need for you to be in far too many places at once.
It’s a massive GAME CHANGER when it comes to freeing up your schedule, but there’s even more more to it…When we get to focus on the things that we’re good at and the things we really love doing, our mindset shifts, we’re lit up from the inside out to become more positive and abundant about our business, life relationships. it really starts to impact everything!

We want to be clear, you might come up against resistance when you start to outsource. Your ego may feel defeated and as if you’re giving away your power.
Most likely wrangling with you to make you feel that you can do it all, but in all seriousness, we’re not designed to do it all!! At the end of the day you are human, and you’re just letting go of the shit that doesn’t serve you - nothing more, nothing less.

How to start outsourcing today:

  1. Write a list of the things that bloody shit you up the wall! You will already know the first few off the top of your head, and we encourage you to get deep - go through your schedule and think about the moments in your day when you’re frustrated with having too many things on. Are there any patterns? What tasks can you let go of and give to someone else?

  2. Once you’ve got that list down pat, let’s work out who or what you can offload those tasks to.
    If you've not got someone or something already suitable within your business, then it might be time to think about hiring someone new, or getting a new software to streamline. Such as an admin person (even if it’s once a fortnight to get started, every little bit of help, helps!) or a program like service mate to automate your appointments and invoices.
    Schedule in some meetings with the people you’re going to delegate to or start putting your feelers out in your network for someone that you need to hire or outsource to.

  3. With a clearer mind, have a think about what you love to do, go back to your why.
    Ask yourself the question Why did I start my business?”
    This often prompts those good feelings and allows you to remember what your purpose is! Write these things down and make time for them in your day, enter them into your schedule and do us a favour, start to be aware of how your overall mindset and attitude feels when you get to focus on your things, that you’re good at, the things that make you feel purposeful. We promise this will not only make you feel joy but your whole business will start to change and the people you’ve outsourced your tasks to will also feel empowered! As the old saying goes “what’s one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!”

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