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I remember when I first started in business, and even still to this day 5 years later, the feeling of not knowing everything there is to know to be successful.

It can feel super lonely at times, like nobody around you understands what it takes to make ends meet in a Tradie business, and it feels like all your mates can offer you is shitstirring comments like ‘geez, you Tradies must be raking it in on all that contractor money!’ or ‘oh you’re having a long weekend are you?’ - when it’s likely this is the first day off you’ve had in months and months in a row.

If only they knew, hey?

These are the questions that go unanswered in your mind every day.

‘Will we have enough money to pay for the end of month?’

‘What am I going to do with this shit tradie that just won’t perform and is causing issues?’

‘How do I keep landing these nightmare clients?’

‘It feels like I am never going to get a grip on my time, how the hell do you ever get ahead of it?’

‘What if I can’t afford to pay the team over the holidays let alone take my family away for ours?’

Or even worse, you might be asking - ‘Is it even worth it anymore?’

You know we actually have all the answers to these questions, right?

And that we get you as an individual, and we have your back?

And that we back ourselves in 100% when it comes to changing your lives?

Yup - we do!

But ‘how?’ you might ask yourself. Don’t worry, as an all female coaching team, we get that it might seem like we don’t know what goes on in the trades world, but let me promise you - we don’t need to.

You guys actually already have the answers to most of your questions - you just don’t back yourselves enough to take the action in getting them sorted.

When you have all the right tools it gives you the confidence to get into more action - and guess what we sell you?


  • Confidence to make the decisions you need to make when you need to make them.
  • Confidence to know your numbers and stop being an ostrich when it comes to getting across your finances
  • Confidence to sack the shitty clients and staff that keep you up at night with a tight chest, staring at the roof
  • Confidence to just do you, and do business how YOU want to do it, instead of being dictated to by an industry that is only going to get more ruthless in the coming 6-12 months.

One of our clients has labeled it ‘The Brawl’. He is a genius.

Early next year, when our market starts to become even more price sensitive, more ruthless, more cut throat. That will be the time that ‘The Brawl’ in the Trades industry ensues. (More on this in Josie’s live Zoom in October - get on it)

Now - I don’t know about you, but if I am faced with a brawl, I wanna be backed by a hoard of people. The butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker need to be on my side, in order to make it through.

You need people around you to survive, and better yet, to THRIVE in your business.

You need the confidence to do what you do, and to sleep soundly at night in the wisdom that you are doing all you can do to win this thing called life and business.

You want a swig or 14 out of our Cup of Confidence and a team of 10 men for the Brawl that is on its way?

Best strap on our Toolbox Membership to your arsenal and get to work.

Then you will have in your amory:

  • A community of trade business owners just like you who wanna see you succeed and back you in the Brawl
  • A coach LIVE every single week answering YOUR business questions
  • A hoard of recorded content to brush up your confidence in areas you are unsure of
  • A suite of tools you can use in your own business so you CAN back yourself
  • And, the inside scoop on how to gouge the shit out of your competition but make a shit tonne of cash while you do it.

You get to choose, to fight the Brawl gallant & confident, or without knowledge and skill.

I know what I would choose. I do every day by doing just the same as I am suggesting to you. I have coaches, I have membership subscriptions, I read, I have my butcher, baker and candlestick maker all making it work with me.

I am always ready for the Brawl. Are you?

Get on our Toolbox Membership today.

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