Tradie Health Month Challenge

How, What, Where and Why we’re running this EPIC Challenge!

Hi there Ladies and Tradies, 

We're hitting the RESET button to focus on health this month, but not just any health... 

Join us throughout August, for our TRADIE HEALTH MONTH CHALLENGE! 

WHY – Are we running this? 

We've listened to A LOT of our Tradies and the ladies say recently:

"I just want to feel better…” & “I need to focus more on my health!" 

SO… here we are, we’ve taken your consistent thoughts and feelings on board to give back with a challenge focused on the well-rounded health pillars for Tradies. Running for the whole month of August, with the hope to instil some long-lasting healthy habits!

WHAT – Is it all about?

Our Tradie Health Month Challenge is a collaborative and fun challenge, that we’re putting out for everyone to jump on board as a community - to learn, share, grow and change out our not so healthy habits for better ones! 

Together we can have more awareness of our health, make better choices and show up in our life for work, relationships and family!

Who's up for the challenge? 

HOW – It works:
We promise that we're not going to tell you to eat more salads everyday 🥗 We're taking a holistic approach, focusing only on one key element of health each week:
💪 Movement & Exercise
🍎 Food & Nutrition
😊 Mindset & Mood
💰 Money


Goal Setting Time! Jump over to Instagram and get commenting in the goal setting post with what your goal is for the week’s particular focus! This will not only hold you accountable, it'll inspire others within the community to jump on board to also make small change to their daily habits!

Join us on Instagram LIVE at 8pm with Kate or Josie and special guests throughout the challenge, to chat about the week’s particular theme. These are NOT TO BE MISSED, engage with us in an in depth conversation, focusing particularly on how Tradies can be more healthy in this area.
Check out Instagram stories at 8am, Kate will be checking in with everyone to see how they're tracking with a Q&A convo.


If you’re not following us yet – CLICK HERE to join us and get on board the Challenge! 

We're 1000% here for you, our incredible clients and we’ve decided to be investing in you and your health - So PLEASE PLEASE jump on board this incredible community lead initiative with us! 

Health (in its many forms) is a HUGE part of future proofing you, which is your Tradie businesses biggest asset! Plus, we just LOVE you all and want the best for you and your family 💗

If you’ve got any questions about this at all, please don’t hesitate to flick us a DM on Instagram or contact us here

In good health,

Kate & Josie xx 

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