Who runs the world? GUURLS!!

Here's my humble observations about women over the years of working with them - and of course being one. A nutjob one at that. And a few of my thoughts on it all.

Anyone who has been following along with us at home knows that we are fiercely passionate about the role that women play in Trades business, and running EVERYTHING.

This has both it's pros and it's cons.

Here's my humble observations about women over the years of working with them - and of course being one. A nutjob one at that. And a few of my thoughts on it all.

We set unrealistic expectations for ourselves and for others.

Do you find yourself 'shoulding' yourself to death? 'I should go for a run', 'I should cook the kids veggies', 'I should get those invoices done', 'I should get a job to help support the family', 'I should, should fucking should'

It is bloody insidious. And it is coming from YOU and usually YOU only. The things that you are expecting of yourself are cray cray - so why not slow down a bit and check yourself before you wreck yourself (thanks to the last How to Tame Your Tradie retreat for this one liner - so bloody good)

When it comes to expectations of others - the tradie, your parents, kids, siblings, inlaws - Lady - nobody has the same heart as you. So, it is VERY unlikely that you are going to receive the same gracious treatment that you bestow unto others from all the people around you. So, again - realign your expectations a bit - and recognise that nobody is going to be/do/behave the same as you. Most people are always trying to do the best they can. Take some deep breaths and just roll with it if you can. Because most people really are trying their best.

Your sphere of influence is HUGE - so, what influence are you having?

Our families, husbands, mothers, sisters and the check out chick at the local supermarket are all influenced by our 'vibe'. Truly - if you are shit, the household is likely struggling. If your cup is empty, then it is likely that everyone else around you is suffering too. I know it is hard to be the person that holds everything up every day - but, you are good at it. And usually, when it is all working well and you are feeling good in yourself, you do enjoy life that way. So, make sure that you do all you can to keep YOU going. Keep YOU energised and your cup close to full. Because we all know that if we ain't good lady, nobody else is good. You literally have that much power. You might like to head over to my bestie's space over at Evoke Kinesiology and suss out her programs - I am in them too - Evoke Meditate and Evoke Active. These programs literally work to help you fill your you cup.

You keep choosing to put your dreams on the shelf - well enough is bloody enough.

Have you spent hours staring out the window dreaming of 'what could have been' for you and your career or your creative side? No matter what age you are lady - stop acting like a washed up old prune and remember, you are NEVER past it.

Let me tell you about some of my greatest influencers. My mum - Sue, went back to school at 35 to get her 'HSC'. After 15 years of being a stay at home mum, she went on to pass year 12, then get a certificate as an integration aid, a job in the field, then about 8 years later went to uni to get her nursing degree. Her and I finished our nursing courses around the same time. Since then, now in her 50s, she started a small business and she does random shit like getting her bus licence and all sorts - because she's never ready to 'put herself on the shelf'. It fills her cup to help people and it is so awesome. Then, my Nana, she started running 5km in the mornings in her 60s after never being an exerciser much in her life!

Stop getting in the way of your own happiness. If you are saying things like 'oh but blah blah bullshit excuse blah so I can't do that' - then think again lady. Because guess what - soon enough, a big fat cup of resentment is going to pour itself all over you - and that is no good to anyone. Especially not you.

So - come help us lady. Because the world needs you to step into your awesome - whatever format that comes in. You are a fucking gift to the universe and you are preventing us all being showered in your ace-ness. Please. Do it for you. Come run the world - GUURL. xxx

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