Week 1 - Prepare to Amp It Up



It’s time to share some background information on your business; this only goes to your coach. Time to complete our Business Background Questionnaire!

This is a task for you to complete TOGETHER!

We feel this survey is best done over a great meal and beverage of choice; this is an opportunity for you to come together and have a great discussion regarding the responses you give to the questions.

While you are doing it - I want you to jot some notes for yourselves answering the question - 'something I hadn't considered before completing this survey was.......'

Once you have completed the survey we will review it and send you your answers to reflect on through the program! Here it is! Can't wait to see the responses!

Get this done prior to next week's first coaching session!


Click here to start the Questionnaire


The 6 Steps to a Profitable Business

This diagram shows the keys to business success. We will be working through each element of this up to the 4th step - teaching you Mastery, Niche, Leverage & Team.

You are going to learn all the steps to create a business that works FOR you, instead of you feeling like a fricken slave to the thing!