Week 10 - 5 ways numbers and recording these

In this unit we learn how to increase your profitability by tweaking 5 levers in your business. It is the formula that sets us up to improve lead generation, and then convert more sales.

Once you learn this formula - you will be soooo keen to get your marketing and sales right - because you will become acutely aware of how small amounts of effort can pay off MASSIVE dividends in your profit.

Let's do this

The 5 Ways to Profitability

Click here to download The 5 Ways to Profitability

5 way strategies

Hey legends!

Here is a copy of the 5 Ways Strategies.

It is always a good idea to print this out and go through it with a highlighter and decide on a few strategies from each of the 5 columns to increase your % in each area.

Believe me - once you put your minds to it - you will see it doesn't take much to improve to get TONNES more money in the bottom line!


Click here to download 5 Ways Strategies