Week 11 - Marketing is math

SO, last week we discussed the 5 Ways to increasing your profits by 46%.

It was a heavy content session but we are going to spend the coming weeks breaking it down into each of it's parts.

Marketing is all about your brand, your message, and ENLISTING people into your products and services.

This week we will explore:





These strategies will enable you to CATCH THE COD, and also, increase your conversion rate once you get to the sales process!

Tune in legends!

Discounting Prices and the Impacts

If you discount, you are going to do soooo much more work than you need to be doing to make the same amount of money.

You will be shocked what amount of profit that you need to be making from a margins perspective, and how much increase in % you need to be doing to make up that value.

Don't discount - it cheapens your service. Take a look at the impacts of both discounting and increasing prices - enjoy!

Click here to download Discounting your prices template

Building Marketing Messages

Click here to download our Building Marketing Messages presentation

How to get your small business to stand out in a crowded market

This is a BRILLIANT SUMMARY of the things that you will learn from us here at LWT - a great overview that just reinforces what we keep bangin on about to you!

How to get your small business to stand out in a crowded market
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