Week 14 - How to build a sales process

Sales is about INCREASING AVERAGE $ SALE, CONVERSION RATE AND # TRANSACTIONS. It is about developing a relationship with the customer that invites them to purchase from you. It is helping them to buy.

And, with a GREAT sales process - you can do LESS quoting and make MORE money.

Yes - that should grab your attention…..

Map out your ‘current’ sales process

When we ask the question - ‘do you have a sales process’ - no doubt - 95% of the people we work with don’t have one.

But - actually - they do. It just is not documented. There is 100% some common things that the Tradie and Lady do, that make up what is the sales process of their business.

Where it falls down though - is we are rarely consistent with it, and we don’t measure it.

It is really important that you are testing and measuring EVERY step of your sales process. 

First - you should sit down and discuss what your business CURRENTLY does. That is, get some sticky notes, and talk out - right, when a customer contacts us - what do we do FIRST?

Then, after enquiry, what do we do NEXT?

Then after that, what comes after THAT?

This is called ‘process mapping’

It can be done on a whiteboard, with sticky notes, on a piece of paper - heck, write it in the sand for all we care - just GET IT DOWN on paper - OUT OF the Tradies head.

Questions to make this work are particularly aimed at the Tradie - because much of the process will be done by him, and he likely just ‘does his thing’ without recognising how important all the steps he takes actually are! He is doing amazing things, but we just don’t have a consistent process.

So, literally step it out, from first interaction to the last - what you are doing NOW.

Then, we need to consider what is missing - that is for the next units and during your coaching session.

So, for now - just get what you CURRENTLY do out on paper (out of your heads)

MOMENTS OF TRUTH in customer interactions/sales

A Moment of Truth is when you are interacting with a customer and 2 things are happening for them.

  1. They are making ‘judgements’ about you - whether you think you are a ‘good bloke’ or if your business is worth working with at every step of the interaction
  2. They are measuring you against their ‘expectations’ - are you meeting them? Are you trustworthy? Are you interacting as they might expect?

Our ULTIMATE goal is to beat the customer to the punch at EVERY turn during the sales process. We want to tell them what they should expect from us, timelines, communication strategy, what you are doing and why, you want the customer to almost feel OVER loved and cared for! By setting up the expectations right at the beginning of the relationship - you can’t go wrong because you tell them what they can expect - then just deliver on that!

The LWT ‘HITTIT’ method for sales and ongoing communication

These communication principles should be super obvious, but, when our head crawls up our bums because we are super busy - we lose touch with the key fundamentals of interaction and communication.

And guys - all sales is, is GOOD communication.

Communication is KEY in sales - and if you are NOT willing to do all of these steps - mate - put on a sales person or consider somebody else doing this job. Cos you are gunna suck balls at it.

This acronym makes it easy to remember all the steps in EVERY interaction you have with customers. You could teach this same communication strategy to your staff and INSIST that this is how every interaction with your customers rolls every day.

Click here to download HITTIT