Week 2 - Get Accountable

This week we are doing more reflection and creating a habit of accountability.

We have introduced you to the 6 steps to Profitability, and you are now unpacking more of the things you need to be working on to create a 'Commercial Profitable Enterprise that Works WITHOUT YOU!'

You need to get in the swing of reporting in your wins, challenges and actions daily - so that you are in the habit at the end of the 4 months of doing something every day to move your business FORWARD!

SO - what we want you to do is to REPORT IN DAILY to your ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER - this person will be allocated to you on the Facebook Group, so, part of your commitment is to tell them your Win, Challenge and Action for EVERY weekday - get into it! You will receive a notification in your Facebook notifications that there has been a post put up - and therefore, you need to jump onto that post and report in there.

Can't wait to see all of your wins and actions, and to support you with your challenges.

Here's a Quiz:


Stepping Your Self Through Efficiency and Mechanics

Saving Your Self Time Energy and Money

Saving Your Self Trying Everything Meaninglessly

Slapping Your Self To End Madness

2. Niche is comprised of these important parts:

Carp and Cod

Time and Money

Guarantee & Unique Selling Proposition

Destination, Money, Time, Deliver

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