Week 3 - Set Those Goals

In this week we will teach you some key concepts to goal setting. You need to get REALLY honest with yourself here and set some targets for 3-10 yearsโ€™ time, 12 monthsโ€™ time and the next 90 daysโ€™ time. As well as creating your action lists for the next 90 days while you are with us in our program!ย 

We will arm you with some tools to do this - so strap in, and let's become the 3% of people globally who EXECUTE on their goals! Woohoooo!!


Dream Builder and Goal Setting


This will get you started, but, you need to wait for your coaches to fill you in on WHY this is so important too.

Print it out and have this with you when you come to your coaching session so you can start working on it.

In week 3 - you will go through this document in order to get to the bottom of what it is that you REALLY want from life!

Click here to download The 4 Steps to Dream Builder and Goal Setting


BRIAN TRACY - Goals Book on Audio

If you want a great book that is very implementation focussed - then Brian Tracy is your man. You will meet him again later in the program too.

Click here to access the Audio book 'GOALS' on Audible


โ€The 7 Goals to set yourself

Use these for life to reset your RAS to ensure that you are covering all aspects of your life with goal setting.

Your business should only be there so SERVE elements from these areas. Business goals are great - but personal goals are what get the juices flowing!

Click here to download The 7 Goals to set yourself


Example KPIs for Trades Businesses

Ok team, depending where you are at in your business, some of these KPIs will be amazing.

What's a KPI you ask? It is a Key Performance Indicator - basically - it is a measure of performance dependent on what is required of the individual/team/business.

These are VITAL with staff, and for you as business owners in order to NAIL your longer term goals.

If you don't set KPIs for your team - how are they supposed to know what you want them to achieve??

If you don't set them for yourselves, you will just waif on through your business life and always fall short of what you are TRULY capable of.

So - have a glance over this list and consider - 'what does my business need to focus on over the next 12 months or the next 90 days to succeed??


Click here to download Example KPI's for Trades Businesses


How to set SMART Goals

It is important that you set goals in the RIGHT way for them to be effective. This download will guide you through setting smart goals, the right way, for life - take a look, download and print, use it however you like. This is an 'added bonus' for our Amp it Uppers.


Click here to download How to set SMART Goals


For the Keen Beans

For the people who are keen to format their goal setting in a more formal format, why not try our 90 Day Planning spreadsheet!

Click here to download the 90 Day Planning Spreadsheet



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