Week 4 - Building A Legend's Mindset

Everything in your business happens as a symptom of YOU. All businesses are a DIRECT MIRROR of their owners. If an owner is not confident, the business will be shaky. If owners are impulsive, the cashflow will be up and down. If owners are disorganised, business will be too. BUT - if we accept these as the fates of our business as ‘just part of who I am’ - then your business will also cap out at that level. You need to become the ‘LEGEND’ YOU ARE capable of being - so your business becomes and infinite game.

Walk through these mindset concepts to build your legends mindset muscle.

The Formula for Change

Our ability and capacity to overcome change is directly correlated to how hungry we are for something or how pissed off we are with our current situation. If you don’t have these 2 ingredients, you are unlikely to ‘move’ from the place you are currently at. That is - you won’t be arsed to make any change.

But you also gotta know the first steps to impact the change…..soooooo do you? Do you know how to execute the change? Or, do you need some help? Who can you get to support you? What info do you need??

The formula for change is such a great tool for leaders, sales people, parents and staff to use in any problem or change management process. Get into it!

In this week's coaching - your LWT coach will take you through this formula - so, strap in, get your pen ready - you are going to work through this formula to SOLVE one of your problems on the call!

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Legends VS Battlers Mindset

Living above the Spirit Level

This concept is not a new one - you would have heard people say ‘that’s a bit below the line’ or ‘that’s swinging below the belt’.

We call this concept, living above the spirit level.

This is pertinent for business owners in the way they conduct themselves, and more importantly, how they manage their staff. It sets a bar - to live all elements of life by. When we live below the spirit level, we make everything external to us - everything is someone’s or something’s fault - and we never claim the errors or what is happening in our businesses as our own. Basically - you’re a bit of a shit bloke if you live here. You’re a ‘Battler’. You say things like ‘it’s all the staff’s fault that thing happened’ or ‘I can’t get any work because the dickhead up the road keeps undercutting me’ - none of this is true if we live ABOVE the spirit level. When our people make a mistake, if we are in a Legend’s mindset - we will say things like ‘you know what - I probably could have given that kid more info’ or ‘Next time I am going to make sure I do this, this and this to prevent that from happening’ - basically, the Legend OWNS HIS/HER SHIT - at the end of the day, all things that occur in business ARE OUR FAULT - and we MUST think this way.

Tell us - what areas do you fall below the spirit level and become a bit of a battler?

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Fixed VS Growth Mindset

The super interesting thing about a growth mindset is, that you can GROW this too! You are not bound by a mindset that you have created since being a kid - you can BREAK out of your old fixed mindset if it’s holding you back. The thing about it is, that over time, you can stop yo-yoing from growth mindset back to fixed mindset, again, if you build the muscle. You need to ask yourself some good questions - like - ‘What do I BELIEVE about the situation in front of me right now - do I believe I am in control of how I respond, or to I believe it is happening TO me?’ If you believe everything in life is happening FOR you - you will grow infinitely - it then means there is never a mistake - only an opportunity to grow. Do I back down from a challenge, or do I embrace it as an opportunity?? Do I get on the back foot if someone is providing me with feedback, or do I listen for the chance that I could get better? These are ALL growth vs fixed mindset challenges we are thrown every single day with a bazillion different scenarios. Basically - you need to tune in to the narrative you have with yourself!

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Scarcity VS Abundance Mindset

Like Fixed vs Growth - closely in alignment is Scarcity vs Abundance. It is a thought pattern. The diagram showcases very well the difference between the two. It is all about holding everything close to your chest if you are scarce. Abundant people are giving of time, energy, effort and they think big. They think there is always more, so they will have more. Scarce thinkers always think there will never be enough - so they will never have enough and will never truly live a happy life.

Move this one quickly if it burdens you - because it is an energy drainer too.

From the list - are you prone to being scarce? If so - what on?

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Law of Attraction - Watch the Secret

You know that thoughts become things right? Have you ever thought something was going to happen, felt it in your bones, and then it does?? Yeah - that’s the Law of Attraction.

I want you to do some homework - watch ‘The Secret’ on Netflix - here’s the trailer:

Bare with it guys - yes it is old and not that well produced - BUT - what is amazing about it, is that you cannot deny the success of it. Using the Law of Attraction actually works. Make sure you watch it before the end of the program - we will be discussing it in coaching.

I remember when Jays and I watched it together for the first time. What you need to understand about Jays, is that he is naturally an abundant thinker, and believes he can literally have everything that he wants. And, it just happens for him (of course with hard work)

I on the other hand did not come to the Law of Attraction as easily. But now - I live and breathe it.

Thoughts become things people - so - fill your head with positive beliefs and things. And they will materialise!

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Do you Say any of These things?

Did you know, that thoughts become reality? What you think about you are brining about - so, if you believe any of the following things in this download, or you SAY any of these things - you are creating your own reality - and you need to watch out for this - it can be a total business killer!

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