Week 6 & 7 - Time Management

If I had a dollar for every time a tradie or lady asked me - ‘Hey, can you teach me how to find another hour in a day?’ I would be a billionaire.

Whilst the next few weeks are all about Time Management – you can’t actually manage time. It is the great leveller – we all have the same amount of hours in a day and it keeps on ticking by with annoying regularity!

Truth is - time management is all about SELF management, and priorities.

So, are your priorities misguided? Are you hopeless at managing YOURSELF?

The good news is, you aren’t the first to have this issue, nor will you be the last!

Let’s get into this age old Tradie business challenge :)

What could I buy the last hour of your life for?

The one thing in life that is not renewable is time. You have a limited amount of it in life, and this is something that people too often forget. They put so much of their time and energy into things that really DO NOT matter.

Where I see this for the Ladies, is usually going down rabbit warrens with design of things, or learning about stuff that is not needed, or trying to perfect something that really does not matter. Where I see this show up for Tradies, tends to be with answering calls at mealtimes with the family, answering the beckoned call of every customer or putting out spot fires that could be remedied by creating a system.

Let’s take back control over how we invest our time. Too often families are using time on things that are not truly serving them. Remember - all you have in the end are your memories. So make lots of them, instead of gathering ‘things’.

What amount of money is your time worth right now per hour? What could I pay for an hour of your time right now?

OK - now, let’s say I wanted to but THE LAST HOUR of your life? What could I buy that for??

Watch this intro video on TIME - your most valuable asset

Click here to download a Weekly Time Log Template

TIME AUDIT - Stop being busy getting nowhere!

It is vital to test and measure where your time is ACTUALLY going. Not just guess. The alarming thing about this activity is that is showcases that we are usually BLEEDING time. Which is so sad because we sacrifice so much of our time for our businesses - so, we need to make it super effective and efficient.

Track your time by doing a Time Audit for 1-2 weeks. And be bloody diligent about it.

What ends up happening, is that you get better at managing your time once you start tracking it.

This is called the ‘Hawthorn Effect’. Where focus goes, energy flows. Your brain registers that time is now important, so it stops wasting it because it is being counted.


Covey's Time Management Matrix which Zone are you in?

It is so common to feel like everything is URGENT AND IMPORTANT. When in fact, a very small portion of what we do is urgent and important.

Once you have done your time audit, you should categorise each of the activities that you did in the 4 boxes below. Which ‘Zone’ do each of them fall into?

Is it a Firefighting task? Or a Faffing task?

Be careful when you categorise things as urgent and important. In the coaching session we will discuss what is truly urgent vs what is truly important.

What tends to happen is that we put things in the ‘urgent’ basket because somebody external to us has made it feel urgent to us. EG: customer requests.

We do need to manage our time accordingly in these situations and stage what we are doing and lead the customer or the person with the request to feel heard, but deliver on OUR terms. Not theirs.

Click here to download Covey's Time Matrix

The Task Blender

Now you have categorised your time into Urgent and Not important, the next thing we need to do is to break your day down into tasks and put them through the ‘Task Blender’

You need to be super vigilant with your Task lists. I want to know even how many times you fart per day so that WE CAN factor this into your time management. Don’t be shy. If you are a non-sensicle time waster, write that shit down. Own up to it. So we can factor in the right amount of time for things into your day to day. Every single little thing you do needs to go on this list. The lists will be different for the lady and the tradie. So make sure you do your own task lists from your Time audit.

The task blender is made up of 4 ways to deal with any task in your business

  1. ELIMINATE - Just bloody stop it
  2. AUTOMATE - Build a system to have it done for you
  3. DELEGATE - Give it to someone else to be responsible for
  4. DESIGNATE - JFDI by creating quarantined, designated time to complete it

Watch the Task Blender Video here:

Default Diary

Remember back at school when the bell would go, and you would close your books to go to the next subject? It worked well to chunk down the time you committed to your studies right? Well, business needs to run the same, so that we are focussed for the right amount of time, on the right parts of our business, to get the best results.

Like school, none of us LOVE every part of our business, some can't stand quoting, invoicing, calling clients, whatever it is - it still needs to be done - just like you still had to attend maths or english at school. It is necessary that we do all of the parts that make our business successful. o, we need to DESIGNATE time to them. In the task blender activity, you decide which parts of your business you simply must do yourself.

So, you need to add these to what we call your 'Default Diary' or timetable. Slot them in at times that you are in best flow, or when it makes sense in your business to do them. Here's an example of what a Default diary might have in it!

Click here to download the Default Diary

Default Diary Example

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