5 Keys to Successfully Leading a Team of Tradies 

Tried and tested leadership tools that actually work!
Is your team responding to your leadership? Or is it time to try a different approach?

There are common things we hear from Tradie business owners nowadays, which to be honest are all 'stories'... 

'No one wants to work anymore', 


'People should just know what to do without me spoon feeding them, surely?'

and this

'Do they seriously need me to pat them on the effing back for every move they make?!

Business owners, nowadays, this mindset won't fly; it's time to start using a different leadership approach. 

'So what are the key tools to running a good crew then?' you may ask. 

Here's just a few: 

1. Make time for your employees. Yes, REAL time with them, and do it regularly, as a team, and one on one. Your employees need to know that you value them, and the best way to do that is by designating time with them: Toolbox talks, performance reviews, understanding their goals; it is all important. Learn about them as people and what they hope for their careers. Listen. Care about it all. Train them your way, carefully, not quickly. Time is our most valuable commodity; give it to your people freely. 

2. Tell them the plan for your future, your businesses future, the future you have planned for them in your business, what's coming up with work, what type of work you want to do.  Get them involved in the plan, and your employees will relish being in the know. 

3. Ask them for their ideas for solutions, and follow through. You do not need to know all the answers to your businesses problems. They will know what the gaps are in your business, and you need to be brave enough to eat the humble pie and ask them how to fix things. Their ideas will be incredible. Utilise their wisdom - young, old and the in between. 

4. Give them kudos.  Yes, you DO need to give praise and pats on the back, and you need to do it regularly. People want to be recognised for their achievements and to know they did a good job. And the more they are told they have done an excellent job, the more they will continue with positive behaviours. Don't be a dinosaur - do it. Just recognise them for the work they are doing. 

5. Don't be so friggen serious, mate!!! Your business needs to be fun. The most successful people we work with have loads of fun. They are professional but fun at the same time - and yes, that is possible!! If you take your business too seriously, you will suck the life out of your employees. They won't want to come to work because the boss is a Debbie Downer or a Karen - you choose. Just get a bit of life about you and start enjoying this business game - your staff will love you for it and aspire to be more like you in life overall. 

Leading a good crew is not as hard as you think. There are some basic principles to live by, and those we listed above are just a fraction of them. Watch out early next year for our 'Level Up Tradie' series, a program for Tradie business owners to hone their leadership skills - we are so pumped to bring it to you! 

Hit us up if you feel like you don't know where to start with this team stuff - we have multiple Team Management specialists who would love to help!

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