Ceeeeelllebrate good times - C'MON!

It's time to stop and celebrate your wins in business!
Too many business owners just let these incredible wins go by the wayside without recognising the enormous positive impact they are making in your world.

Ceeeeelllebrate good times - C'MON!

I hope you sang that....cos it makes you feel good.

I know I have been banging on a LOT this month about celebrating- but it's my birthday FESTIVUS, and that is ok - I get to do that. And so should you!

I want to talk to you today about the types of things you SHOULD be celebrating in business.  Too many business owners just let these incredible wins go by the wayside without recognising the enormous positive impact they are making in your world.

If you have achieved any of the following - then, crack the champers or a froffie, and say a big CHEERS to yourself.

1.    You have put on one or more staff members.

This is massive! You have taken the plunge to become an employer, and you are running a LEGIT business! You are responsible for someone who can assist you to increase your business output and success. Employing staff is one of the most nerve-wracking things business owners can do. So if you have done it once or multiple times - you have some serious knackers! Well done!

2.    You survived in business for the past two years.

Again - a massive feat. Once the first 'tax' year passes, you find that year two absolutely hits you hard as a rule. You also have been able to market and sell enough to survive this long, which means you had enough customers and work to prevent you from going back to finding a job. Well done to you! Make it to 5 years, and you are in only the top 20% of businesses!  So off now to hit that next goal!

3.    Your total yearly income & profitability keeps going up!

Another big win! I want you to think a bit on this one, by asking yourself 'at what cost?'. I just had someone say that a business owner had reached $3 Million in income with no admin support...WTF!? That is mental in a tradie business and totally unsustainable on a personal front. It's great to have the income and profitability increasing, as long as you are getting HAPPIER in doing so. Feeling good, loving your business, systems working - gotta get good vibes. If his is you - killer mate - big high fives.

4.    You say 'no' more often than you say 'yes.'

Now, these tradie business owners are the TRUE heroes. Do you know why? They don't prostitute themselves out to everyone and anyone. They know what work they want, and they don't jeopardise that. They know what they are worth. They know that only specific work won't impact their happy family life, so they just say no. Bloody champions.

After reading the above, how many things have you been just letting through the 'oh yeah, did that thing' blender - when you should be shouting to the rooftops 'I AM A BLOODY LEGEND!!!'?


Every. Single. Time. You.Do. Something. Good.

It will promote happy chemicals in your brain, which will propel you do to more cool stuff.  It can be anything; a nice dinner, a weekend off, a beer with a mate, a cheers to you both at dinner, just celebrate what you are achieving, all the small wins, and all the big wins.  All of them.


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