One reason you still need marketing...even if you are inundated with work!

Education! You need to educate your future clients so you don't keep getting 'all the sh*t jobs' coming through!
Do your future clients actually know what you do and don't do? Save yourself some time (and theirs) and educate your future clients.

Hey there legend!

So, 'why would I need marketing info?' I can hear you asking- because 'I don't need any more work! - the phone doesn't stop bloody ringing!'

I'll tell you why - because you need to EDUCATE your future clients.

Educational marketing is so damn vital, and tradie business owners are generally pretty piss poor at doing it.

Later in the month, our marketing guru Chane will fill you in on your different types of clients and how to manage them.  But, right now, I want to chat with you about how you can land the right clients through educating them.

Ever complained about 'all the sh*t little jobs' coming through? The short answer is: because you will always get more of what you do. So, if you do small shit jobs, word of mouth will generate more of them. If you don't want them - how would your clients know? They likely found your number online or got it from a previous client and just want a 'tradie of choice' but have no idea what type of work you actually do. Or, more to the point, what kind of work you DON'T do.

Let me give you an example...

You are a plumbing business, and old Beryl has a leaky tap. But your plumbing business only does renovations, and builders work. Beryl might not know this - because she just got your number out of the paper under' plumber', the local phone directory or got your number from Cynthia while shew as at the local pool.

Unbeknownst to poor Beryl, she's about to get on the blower to you and waste your time. She's going to call you, leave a message, you are going to call her back, only to find that the job is outside of what your business wants to do.

Educational marketing does just that - it markets to the RIGHT clients for the RIGHT work. It teaches your local community what to expect when working with your business and lets them better understand what you do or don't do.

So, next time you are thinking about banging up a Facebook post, renew your ad in the white pages, or update your Google My Business profile,  ask yourself: 'does this post educate my client about how we operate, the work we do, or don't do, or set a standard of what we expect when we work with them?'

If not - can it?  And come up with something that does.

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