‘Shoulda & Coulda’ is a shit place to live…

Get into ACTION Lady!

Life is a funny thing isn’t it? One minute you are plodding along, things are ‘just so’, business is ‘ok’, your relationship is ‘ok’, your work is ‘ok’ - there is nothing really wrong about where you are at, but you have this desperate scratch you want to itch.

The itch that is screaming at you, trying to tell you know there is more for you, but you don’t know what. You have desires, ideas, smarts, skills, but you don’t really know what to do with them all.

So, you just sink back into the couch and watch another episode of MAFs or The Block to zone out and switch off for an hour or so and put all those awesome ideas and thoughts to the side. The itch goes away as if you have put some mozzie cream on it, and you slip back into your comfort zone because it’s what you know. But you would never say it out loud, your mediocre life…..BOOM - yup I went there.

I know you have thought about it. I know you are secretly being a judgey mole, the voice in your head nattering away at you (let’s name her “Yvonne”) about how you know there is more for you but you are not willing to go get it. I hear it all the time.

Yvonne is a saboteur. She says:

“I can’t afford to make a change”

“I am not smart enough to be the boss of a company like that”

“I don’t know anything about business - I can’t help my Tradie”

“Sure, I am creative but that shit doesn’t sell!”

“I won’t be respected if I don’t have 400 bajillion degrees to my name so what’s the point?”

Have I hit the mark?

So if Yvonne gets her way, what does that mean for you in 3, 5, 10 years time.

Do me a favour - sit still and shut your eyes (after you read the next steps of course you dill)

Ask yourself “If I listen to Yvonne, and allow her to hold me back, how will I feel about my life in 5 years time? What will it look like? Who will be with me? What will be missing? Will I be happy and fulfilled? Or will I be a sad, miserable, down and out sod of a human?”

Set your phone timer for 5 minutes. See where she takes you and what your life looks like.

Ask Yvonne - ‘What will you take from me if I keep listening to you?’

Email me back here and tell me what came up and also, if you are prepared to keep hanging out with Yvonne, or if you are ready to give her up? What came up for you? What emotions came to the surface? Do you want to stay all matey with Yvonne? Or is it time to flush her down the loo?

Go get it lady - leave Yvonne behind - ain’t nobody got time for that biatch!

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