The Benefits of Building a Bunch of Besties Online

Did you know that there's such a thing as creating a bunch of online besties or if you wanna get technical, an "online community"?

G’day guys, it’s Georgie here, the resident LWT Marketing gal!

Since chatting with you in our previous blog about the role of education in marketing your business, we thought it would be the perfect time to touch on the engagement side of things.

Without getting super technical, what we’re banging on about is the positive impact of you and your business can create by communicating and engaging with a bunch of your mates, family and most importantly clients online and on social media.  

And just like that if you have an Instagram, Facebook or Google Business Profile, you can create a bunch of online Besties or if you do wanna get technical an online community. 

So, what can this bunch of people do for your biz? 

1. Grow your Customer Loyalty:

Providing your community, (who are undoubtedly the bread and butter of your business) a place to discuss things with other people, ask questions and know they will be answered by you or another faithful community member is just about as good as it gets! 
By actively hosting dialogue between your customers, it build’s trust in your brand and loyalty towards your business, as people become deeply rooted and invested in your cause and will hopefully choose you over competitors in the future.

2. Provide a Customer Service Channel: 

We know more than anyone that you don’t need additional admin, but please hear us out! Day by day more of your customers are turning to social media and online forums to seek help and customer service on topics that they are interested in, such as home renovations, or what type of paint to coat the outside of their house in. 

By having a proper destination for your business online, such as a Google Business Profile for people to see your opening hours, it might just save them giving you the call to ask “when are you open?”.
Whilst a Facebook Page can provide people a space to ask questions about your services, which might very well be answered by one of your knowledgeable mates, as your besties in your online community know a thing or two about your business and are happy to advocate on your behalf.

3. Gain Feedback: 

If seeing inside someone’s house whilst renovating their bathroom wasn’t quite enough to understand them, monitoring what they’re saying about your services and how they interact with your business on social media definitely will be! Sometimes people won’t have the guts to say it in person, but they’ll feel comfortable to leave you praise or constructive feedback in a review or direct message.
We can also tap into trends such as the type of work people are increasingly after, enabling you to upskill your workforce in certain areas that you had never thought of… HELLO new revenue stream! 

4. Get your Mates to Work for you Without Paying Them: 

There will be special people amongst your community – let’s call them Super Besties! These guys will go out of their way to share positive things about your business on social media, promoting your cause to their very own network!
Pretty much providing you with free coverage and word of mouth marketing that you didn’t have to do a thing for and will hopefully generate more of that kind of work for your business. 
Scratching the back of the people that scratch yours is the best way to get more of these kind of freebies – why not offer the people who share testimonials and pics of your work a discount for the next job you do for them!? 

And last but not least, this provides you more content to re-post… WINNING! 

We can’t wait to see you out on the interwebs chatting up a storm guys!

Need a hand setting up your online or social media presence? 

I am here to help and support the LWT community, so please get in touch with me via the lovely team Here and they’ll point you in the right direction, we’ve got you! 

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