The importance of having Mates in the Trades Industry

When it comes to having 'mates' in the trades industry, what I am actually getting at, is the importance of having a network of people you trust.

When it comes to having 'mates' in the trades industry, what I am actually getting at, is the importance of having a network of people you trust.

It is a bloody lonely place to be in business, and so often I have people say to me –

'my friends and family just don't get it, they all have jobs and they don't see how hard it is to do this' - yup - they don't.

So, why is it so important to have 'mates' around you who DO get it?

Well, there's a shit tonne of reasons but here's a few: 

it will increase your confidence, reduce your stress levels, increase your knowledge of general business challenges and how to fix them, and the loneliness will disappear. Surely, all of that is an incentive to build your own network of mates in business?

Just yesterday I was asking our Legend Status group participants what works well with the program. There was a unanimous agreement that 'having our tribe of mates together and knowing each other's businesses so well, and truly caring about each other and our results' was what was so great about them having 'mates' in their group.

From a confidence perspective, having a community of other business owners around you helps you recognise that the struggles are not just yours - we often hear blokes say 'oh, it isn't just me that struggles'. 

In our Amp It Up program this week, a glazier business tradie said at the end of the session 'Wow, I just realised today that we are all going through the same shit, I feel so much better now'. So often we feel when we don't have it all together, that we are the only ones. Surely other businesses are doing better than us, and we are the only ones who don't get it, or who can't seem to get it right? 

Nah mate - everyone has struggles - you are just not hearing about them - and THAT is why you need a group of business mates around you.

You will learn shitloads from other businesses about their mistakes, if you just open up to them about yours. What can be learned in a group of business owners in even just one hour, can turn a business around instantly. 

'A problem shared is a problem halved' was said by one of our tradie wives - and this is so true - if you share your problems with others, the relief is instant. And typically, people want to pull out all the stops to help you fix it.

Then, the stress starts to go away. Because you are learning, you are growing, you are changing and you are sharing in business - the stress will start to melt away.

You will also feel ten foot tall and bulletproof because if you don't already believe enough in yourself - I promise you your mates will give you enough belief to carry on and dominate.

So how do you build this community of Tradie business mates?

Well, you can start by asking us how – reach out here.
You can join your local Business Networking Group. You can put it out there on social media that you are looking to chat to people like you. You can jump into our groups here.

It all starts with just a tiny bit of courage to take the leap - and the payoffs will be huge.

Imagine hanging for beers or coffee with people just like you - chewing the fat, them helping you, and you helping them? Mate - it is just magic ✨

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