Tradies, letting go is hard...but it's so worth it

One of the biggest challenges as a business owner is building up your 'baby' and then knowing that you need to start handing parts of it over to somebody else for it to go to the next level.
You have spent years building it, your knowledge, your expertise, knowing it intimately and nurturing it like a baby bird that has fallen out of a tree. But like all baby birds, for your business to fly, you need to push parts of it out of your nest.

For Tradies - this is one of the hardest things to do. You have built your reputation entirely on YOUR level of skill. YOUR customer service.YOUR values. YOUR blood and sweat. So it is understandable that you are scared to let go of it and trust in other people.

Trust is the key. Trust that someone will do it as well as you can. Trust that your reputation and hard work will be respected and upheld.Trust that 'these young blokes' will do right by your customers.

So really, building a business is, in fact, a HUGE process in developing trust.

Mate - you just need to remember to trust YOURSELF and believe that you have done all you can do to hand things over to other people. To trust that you have taught them right and cared for them enough that they want to build your business almost as much as you do - and that takes a lot of hard work.

But - you can do it. I see it daily. I see how well this works.

And do you wanna know why or how?

In every one of your staff and the services, you utilise that support you - there is a little piece of you in each of them. Your staff learned your way. They have been on the jobs you run. They understand your rules and your little 'interesting' behaviours and intricacies and how you like the job done.

Now they just need you to trust them. Trust that they will do their best.

And what will happen is fascinating; in fact, it is a beautiful thing. They will rise to the occasion. They will step up and thrive in the opportunity.

You just have to trust.

Guess what YOU will get in return?

Time with your family. Being showered and dressed and on the couch watching sh*t on TV by 6pm. You will get your weekends back. Hot date swith your beautiful wife will be on the cards. Time with your mates fishing. All this is waiting for you.

You just have to trust, mate. In you, and all you have built. Because my best bet says - that what you have created is amazing, and the more you let people in to help and support you - the better it will be.

It's all about trust.

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