What Ladies With Tradies Resources You Could Be Using To Help Your Business

Free Educational Tools

What Ladies With Tradies Resources you could be using to help your business. Free Educational Tools

This time of year we are often feeling refreshed and motivated and are in the process of setting some clear goals and vision for the year ahead. Whilst you have some energy behind you we wanted to shine light on where you could find some amazing educational resources to help you quick off the year in the right way.

Do you have some big goals ahead of you? Does your business have the potential to grow this year? Are you ready to get the most out of what you're putting in?

We are here for you!

Ladies With Tradies can help support you, your business and personal life in this new year. Kate Muldoon and the LWT team have so much FREE business advice to offer you and we want to lead you in the right direction to seek that support.


Take the time to explore our blog content, we have covered a diverse range of content on some important topics that will be relevant to you and your business at some stage. Read up on how to outsource successfully, recruiting, setting boundaries, job profitability, how to lead a team successfully and more! Explore our blogs here.


If reading isn’t your thing or like many tradies you find yourself time poor LWT has their own podcast channel for you to tune in and soak up some educational conversations that might answer some of those hard and burning questions you have had on the back of your mind or simply shine light on some topics that you may need to focus on more. Our founder Kate Muldoon speaks with some amazing business owners in the industry sharing their stories of success and failure to help inspire and support you on your own journey. Listen to our podcasts here.


One of the many things we are so proud of at Ladies With Tradies is our sense of community. Another key FREE resource we can offer to you is our private Facebook community group. Join a group of like-minded business owners in the trade industry to discuss, reflect and educate each other. Our team strives on nurturing this community group and offering free business education and tips whilst creating a safe space where you may find relevant information to help you and your business move forward. Kate hosts live discussions with the opportunity for you to interact with the team and other business owners. Not yet part of our community group? Join for free here.

Are you looking for MORE? We have endless knowledge, support and education we can offer to suit any stage of your business. Find out how you can work with us in 2023 through our different coaching programs, memberships, workshops and more - how can we work together.

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