You WILL need to miss out this Festive Season

But you will love yourself for it.

If you missed my chat about this on Cuppa time the other day, catch it here if you like to listen/watch rather than read here.

Basically - we need to move away as a society from having ‘FOMO’ or the fear of missing out to a mentality of  the ‘JOMO’ or the joy of missing out.

This time of year is fraught with so much bullshit that takes up so much time. Present shopping, cooking, parties we don’t even wanna friggen go to, dealing with school concerts - whilst cute I am sure can be a challenge, staff burnout, planning for holidays, managing EVERY-BLOODY-THING for us all to get geed up and have 24hrs of bulk food and piss, then feel crap from it the next day.

Yes, I sound like a grinch….but stick with me here.

What if you cancelled some of this BS out. What if you decided, ‘I WANT to miss out on some things, even some of the things that I DO want to do?’

The thing about this time of the year is that you are going to have to say NO to something. But you need to be careful about what that ‘no’ is going towards.

In our Legend Status coaching program yesterday I was talking to the team about priorities and overwhelm. How this time of the year can cloud our judgement when it comes to making the right decisions for ourselves & our families.

I challenged them to think of all the ‘tasks’ and ‘things’ in the context of balls. (Haha. Balls.)

We all have glass balls, and we have rubber balls. Our challenge is to decide which balls are rubber, and if we drop them they will bounce, or, if which balls are glass, and they won’t bounce - rather, they will smash into a bajillion pieces.

Trouble too many people have is that they act like all their balls are glass and put high urgency and high importance on everything - then flip their wigs over it. Then really, nobody is happy, or healthy coming to the end of the year.

But everything DOES NOT get to be glass in our worlds, and frankly, too many people are getting so distressed by elements of business and life that are just not that important.

So here’s a permission slip, to drop some balls so you can focus on what is truly important. Listen up lovelies!

What we came up with as a group was there there are realistically only 5 TRUE glass balls for business owners:

  1. Family - always comes first
  2. Finances - need to be looked at or you might find you run into issues
  3. Health - nutrition, sleep, self care - without our health we have nothing
  4. Caring for staff - they keep our business going
  5. Relationships - looking after each other and supporting each other, remaining intimate and having fun is super important

So if you were to audit how you are investing your ‘stress’ and ‘headspace’ right now - how much of it is landing on these 5 things? How much of your energy is not being managed effectively? How much energy are you blowing on rubber balls?

Now let’s come back to the JOMO. The joy of missing out is also about deselecting things that you know you cannot fit in, or that you want desperately to fit in, but you know for health, family, headspace reasons, you need to respectfully decline.

Example - my family Christmas, the Brain family side, is on this weekend. Jays and I have had loads of weekends away since October. I need to study. I desperately want to see my Great Aunty Maureen and Great Uncle Bill, my cousins, other aunties and uncles, but it is a 6hr drive to attend there, then back, and we are cooked. I knew we would be when I declined this party back in October when we got invited.

Am I devo that I am missing out? Yes. When I am home in my own bed, not going far, just focussing on my health and what my needs are right now and our needs as a couple this weekend will I feel the joy of missing out? I am tipping yes.

Sometimes, we have to choose our NO’s so that they protect us. When you say Yes to something, you are always saying no to something else. Choose them wisely this festive season.

Toxic family or friends, ditch them. Expenses or time commitments you resent - don’t do it to yourself. It is ok to say no. It is ok to feel the relief of staying home, or protecting your time.

Please do it. It is liberating.

Love youse all - now go and CHOOSE to make it a Merry Festivus, not a ‘Shit Fight’ festivus.


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