Kate Tierney: RSM Australia

Kate Tierney is a godsend. Both Josie and I, AND our parents use her personally and we can vouch for her absolute diligence, support and tailored approach to getting all your financial plans in order.

Here's how she works - she meets with you to discuss what your goals are. For us as an example - we said we wanted Jayson off the tools by 50, 55 at the latest. She then goes and does the most in depth incredible calculations and builds incredible financial modelling to provide you recommendations based on the type of money you want to have, how you want to invest, superannuation, life insurance reviews, your Will, the WORKS - and makes sure you are going to make the most of your money working for you, and that you are protected should anything untoward happen to you.

She really cares this one - and she sticks her neck out BIG TIME for us as an industry.

If you want guidance on working towards your financial goals - chat with Kate - she is amazing.

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