Tracey Kyle - Smartline

Tracey has serviced small business owners looking to get into a mortgage for more than 16 years.

She’s personally helped our Founder Kate Muldoon, and many of the Ladies With Tradies clients to get into their dream homes. This is a huge task when it comes to lending for small business owners. As you likely already know - it is an absolute shit fight to get a home loan as a small business owner.

Tracey can help you, get into your home sooner with a Mortgage that will suit. She asks the hard questions and supports you to get prepared to present yourself best to her suite of lenders.

Her ability to deliver the right loan solutions for each client is the key to her ongoing success. She has an extremely high number of referrals and repeat customers – a testament to her dedication, professionalism and reliability.

Tracey’s extensive knowledge and expertise covers all aspects of lending, and she is fully mobile and accessible anywhere - which is great for us as we are Australia wide too!

What we love about Tracey, is her absolute no BS approach - which is the foundation of Ladies with Tradies culture.

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