Nikkiema Rai - Somatic Sexologist

Nikkiema is passionate about bodies, relationships, and communication, and empowering humans to live embodied lives full of pleasure, intimacy, and passion (in and out of the bedroom!).

She works with individuals and couples, and also facilitates workshops such as: 

- learn to love your vulva

- embodied boundaries 

- creating EPIC Relationships- a masterclass series covering communication, Overcoming insecurities, and learning love languages. 

She’s trauma informed in her training and this helps to recognise how trauma shapes out responses in bodies, as well as our interactions in relationships. Let me also tell you - this stuff shows up in businesses too! Big time!

Nikkiema got into all of this because she really wants people to be at home in their lives, and with their sexuality (as sexual energy is the greatest source of creation and energy) and she just wants people to have all the love and pleasure they can out of life! Oh, and orgasms. She wants everyone to have them too!

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