Fran Short - Debt Collection - Late Payer List

Fran has got to be one of the nicest ladies on earth! She is diligent and gets the job done that is for sure!

The Late Payer List helps in getting those annoying outstanding invoices paid. By using Fran’s platform, she advises your late payer that they have 7 days in which to pay you. If they don’t pay you within that 7 day timeframe, they run the risk of being listed on the database for all other members to see and search.

This warning motivates your late payer to pay you. More than 90% of our members have been paid within the 7 day timeframe as a result. It provides a simple, fair and transparent solution for the late payment issue.

By banding together we protect ourselves and other businesses in our community. We love having Fran on our team to sort all of this out! Hit her up to get those outstanding invoices paid!

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