Marika Garton - The Helper Collective

Here’s a note from Marika to you…...

YOU...You're a business owner who doesn’t have enough hours in the day. You want to offload those niggling tasks, increase efficiency, get the business back of house in order or build systems. You need support and solutions to help your business achieve its goals, but you don’t want a permanent employee. You need me.

ME ... I am a force multiplier and I support people like you! I work with small businesses to build the operational productivity of the business. You can stop work creeping into your evenings and weekends and return to focusing on what you do best. And me, I will get your systems to work for you, allowing you to advance your business vision and mission effectively and efficiently into the future.

The Helper Collective specialise in business support, with over 15 years of experience across education, retail, health, tourism and trades. Our services include:

·   Ghost Writing: newsletters, blogs and E-books – ready to go on all platforms.

·   Visual Design: brochures, manuals, infographics, social media tiles.

·   Operational Processes: all the documents you need to start / run your business.

·   Systems Alignment: streamline your systems - remove the disconnected silos so you can thrive.

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